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AboutElegância Cater

Elegancia Cater established in 1999, has a long-standing commitment to quality that is reflected in our fine food, the work ethic of our staff, our prompt and responsive detailed service, and ultimately dedication to our clients’ needs.

Elegancia Cater is a full-service (off- site) caterer that prepares, delivers and arranges every aspect of a reception from food preparation and service to silverware, and table arrangements.  We create a proper mix of fine food, hospitality, and atmosphere to make it successful.

At Elegancia Cater, we believe that food is at the center of every great party. From weddings to social events, there is always a reason to celebrate. We work diligently with our clients to produce the event you envision with food you cannot forget. We can also assist you with finding the perfect venue or fitting the party in your home.

Our professional staff aims to please in every detail, including pricing and a customized menu that fits your event and budget.
Through referrals and not weighty advertising, Elegancia Caters has achieved an excellent reputation for combining professionalism and elegance.



Elegância Cater
As a child Ricardo spent a great deal of time with his grandmother who was an excellent cook. She taught him about her diversified recipes and preparation secrets and in so doing launched his passion for cooking. This led to attending culinary school in his home town for five years, at which time he graduated.
In 1989 Ricardo opened a little café inside a theater in downtown Curitiba, Brazil. This success encouraged a joint family venture and the opening of another restaurant in the same city. The establishment employed over ten people and served more than two-hundred meals daily. Though business was going well Ricardo was fascinated by American culture and especially about native foods. To fulfill his interests he sold his ownership in the family business and came to the United States where he went to work for two years in an Italian restaurant, located in Bethesda, Maryland. This gave him a great deal of experience and he became Head Chef of the restaurant.
Later Chef Ricardo decided to open his own catering business. From the beginning his cuisine drew exceptional customer reviews, a reflection of Chef Ricardo’s passion for the cooking arts. This same passion will be in evidence at your event, bringing to it elegance and the unexpected.