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Founders  Talmom Silva and Ricardo Franca

Elegância Cater


Elegant - Affordable - Professional
Elegancia Cater established in 1999, has a long-standing commitment to quality that is reflected in our fine food, the work ethic of our staff, our prompt and responsive detailed service, and ultimately dedication to our clients’ needs.
Elegancia Cater is a full-service (off- site) caterer that prepares, delivers and arranges every aspect of a reception from food preparation and service to silverware, and table arrangements. We create a proper mix of fine food, hospitality, and atmosphere to make it successful.
At Elegancia Cater, we believe that food is at the center of every great party. From weddings to social events, there is always a reason to celebrate. We work diligently with our clients to produce the event you envision with food you cannot forget. We can also assist you with finding the perfect venue or fitting the party in your home.

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